Online MSHI February, 2015

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Career Changers What’s in it for you? The health informatics profession encompasses a broad range of career paths and opportunities for career changers. Whatever your prior professional experience, your skills most likely will be applicable to this dynamic and expansive field. We openly encourage a range of professionals to take advantage of this opportunity, including [...]

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Non-Health IT (Programmers, Analysts, Database Administrators, etc.) What’s in it for you? You are tech-savvy but recognize you need a deeper understanding of business practices and healthcare knowledge. This MS in Healthcare Informatics program is designed to do exactly that. To succeed in this rapidly evolving field, you should know more than the technology—because the [...]

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Clinicians (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab, etc.) What’s in it for you? Bring us your clinical background and we will help you expand it. You can widen your knowledge by learning from our diverse faculty of industry experts. By gaining a deeper understanding from other professional areas that impact the field of health informatics, you may [...]

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Existing Health IT professionals (RHIA, RHIT, HIM, etc.) What’s in it for you? Our multidisciplinary curriculum approach can help you become a well-rounded professional who has the credentials and the experience to lead, deliver total quality management, and drive innovation in the field of health informatics.

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