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Infographics about the Healthcare Informatics Industry.

Difference Between Good and Bad Health IT

The healthcare industry is constantly growing – a trend that is both revolutionary but also occasionally problematic. In this infographic, we explore the difference between good and bad health IT.

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A History of Health Informatics

Health Informatics has come a long way since 1949, when the world’s first professional organization for informatics was established in Germany. See the industry’s growth and evolution through 2013 in this infographic.

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Mobile Health Technologies

In the field of healthcare informatics, wearable technologies are on our minds now more than ever.

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Health IT and Home Healthcare

Improved patient care doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Telemedicine enables health professionals to use technology to care for patients who are not physically nearby. As you work toward your degree in health informatics, take note of the increasing role of health IT in home healthcare: Add This Infographic to Your Site <a [...]

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6 Countries with Cutting-Edge Healthcare IT

Wherever you live in the world, technology has impacted how healthcare is managed. For those working toward a health informatics online degree [link], it’s important to understand how your work is relevant on a global scale. See how health IT is evolving in six countries: Add This Infographic to Your Site Adelphi University Health Informatics

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Technology of the Medical World

As you have learned in your MSHI degree program, medical technologies are in a constant state of flux. They are always evolving, advancing and changing in application. For instance, many technologies have expanded in use beyond the hospital or doctor’s office. See the details: Add This Infographic to Your Site Adelphi University Health Informatics

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The State of Patient Engagement in 2017

The health care sector has shifted from providing more services to providing more value through patient engagement. Still, the efforts are not enough….

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Telemedicine and Health Informatics

Did you know that health informatics jobs have increased faster than other health care jobs? View AU’s infographic about telemedicine and informatics career opportunities.

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