The State of Patient Engagement in 2017

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The modern health care sector provides value through patient engagement, but as a whole has not been able to engage patients in their own care or significantly improve population health. As you work toward your Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics online, it’s important to consider the role patient engagement could play in your career in the future. Read about patient engagement in 2017 and see what the future holds.

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Health care providers have been using a number of technologically-driven strategies to enhance patient engagement. They include:

  • Patient Activation
  • Shared Decision Making
  • Automated Secure Messaging Services
  • Public Education Efforts
  • Online Portals

These strategies utilize technology to better understand patient needs, and aim to give them the confidence needed to engage more deeply with their care.

The 2017 Outlook

In 2017, quality tracking encourages health care organizations to better engage with the public. In addition, social media is being used as a transformative tool, and an enhanced focus on digital will offer organizations new and different ways to interact with patients. See details in the below infographic:

An infographic about patient engagement in 2017 by Adelphi University.

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