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Healthcare Informatics Program Overview

Tom Virgona: Well, what makes the program unique is informatics itself. It’s a term that’s thrown around a lot, used by many people, but it’s not very well understood. If you look at our program, our program is geared specifically towards technology. Technology management in healthcare setting to propel the students to a mid to [...]

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AU MSHI Practicum Experience Webinar

Kaylee Grech: Good afternoon everyone. Thank you for joining us today to discuss the practicum experience. My name is Kaylee, I’m the enrollment advisor for the healthcare informatics program here at Adelphi. As part of the program here, there is an internship component that students will complete. We thought taking the time to go over [...]

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Healthcare Informatics Industry Overview

Patrick Coonan: Healthcare informatics and growth of industry is the fastest growing area in healthcare right now. The Healthcare Information Management System Society, also known as HIMSS, has predicted that there will be well over 100,000 jobs in this country over the next three to five years because of the growth of technology in this [...]

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AU MSHI Webinar

Webinar Transcript: Speaker 1: Hello everyone and welcome. Thank you for joining us today for Adelphi University Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics information session. We appreciation you taking the time out of your busy schedule to find out more about this online program. Just so you know, we have reserved time at the end [...]

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